Component solutions for fluid management

ITW offers thermal and fluid management solutions for optimal vehicle performance, longevity, and safety. Our caps, connectors, tanks, and components are designed to maintain appropriate pressure, flow, routing, efficiency, and storage for any vehicle architecture. Trust ITW for reliable solutions that ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle’s cooling system.

ITW offers a wide range of products in this category. Explore a representative selection below or collaborate with our engineers for a custom solution.

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Coolant Tanks

Coolant Tanks store and de-aerate coolant. Our tanks are engineered to maximize useful fluid volume and minimize packaging footprint.

Coolant Caps/Pressure

Coolant Reservoir Caps keep coolant system pressures within designed operating conditions and seal off the coolant system from the environment.

Coolant Control Valves

Components which direct the flow of coolant within the coolant system. These components are engineered to maximize your thermal system efficiency by controlling the coolant flow in your coolant system. The control capabilities range from passive check valves to electronically controlled multi-way valves.

Coolant Connectors

Connectors which enable efficient assembly and safe connection across the coolant system. Also, these connectors can be designed to VDA standards or engineered for custom applications.

Fluid Routing Management


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