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Dual Chamber Degas Tank


Two tanks that can have a connected path or can be separate with no communication in between. Can also have a single or dual filling point. Balance system pressure, liquid storage, degassing, liquid replenishment.

Common Names: Degas Reservoir, Reservoir, Coolant Tank, Surge Tank

Features and Benefits

2 Cooling circuit expansion in a single reservoir

The tank is able to contain liquid and air in 2 different chamber in order to compensate the variation of 2 different cooling circuit size

2 Cooling circuit deglazing

By circulation through 2 different reservoir chamber, the inside shape of the each chamber is able to separate air from the liquid, and so keep safe the 2 cooling efficiency

allow cooling circuit filling

Provide an access by a common neck for each chamber in order to fill the 2 cooling circuit

Level sensor

Provide OBD liquid level indication through inside level sensor

Contain 2 different liquid temperature

The isolation in between the 2 chamber of the reservoir allow 2 different liquid temperature in each reservoir chamber

Cost reduction

Thanks to the cooling circuit simplification, the thermomanagment function is cost optimized