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Degas Tank


Our degas tanks balance store and de-aerate coolant, balance system pressure and allow for coolant expansion. They are engineered to be lightweight, quiet, and deliver high degassing efficiency.

Common Names: Degas Reservoir, Reservoir, Coolant Tank, Surge Tank

Features and Benefits

Cooling circuit expansion

The tank is able to contain liquid and air in order to compensate the variation of cooling circuit size.

Cooling circuit degassing

By circulation through the reservoir, the inside shape of the reservoir is able to separate air from the liquid, and so keep safe cooling efficiency.

Allow cooling circuit filling

Provide an access by the neck in order to fill the cooling circuit.

Level sensor

Provide OBD liquid level indication through inside level sensor.

Compact Design

Maximizing potential in limited spaces.

100% Automated Manufacturing Lines

Maximizing output and quality.