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ITW’s Air Extractor is Much More Than Just a Valve
Insights - Article
ITW’s Air Extractor is Much More Than Just a Valve

Air extractors are often used to manage the cabin pressure in the vehicle. At ITW we fully understand the overall vehicle interior environment, and the impact the air extractors can make, managing the interaction of airflow, cabin pressure, noise ingress, package space and air quality. 

Air Extractors

In order to design the air extractor optimally, many factors play a role. HVAC engineers want the largest possible air outlet, the body engineers want a sheet metal section that is as stable as possible. The acoustic engineers ideally want to have no hole in the body at all, and all in a very narrow, limited space. 

We, at ITW have a great deal of knowledge in all these areas, and we develop air extractors to achieve an optimal interaction of all functional dimensions. We use simulations and testing to achieve and validate the ideal results with our in house airflow test equipment and an acoustics test laboratory. 

A detailed understanding of the interaction between acoustic insulation, optimal ventilation and pressure relief is the key to a design that delivers with the best pressure management performance, and also brings measurable cost savings potential for the customer. Our solutions deliver outstanding performance on pressure management, and also enable savings on acoustic management related to the air extractor system. 

Since we are development partners for major OEMs worldwide, we can draw on a huge wealth of experience, identify emerging trends and thus continuously improve our products, or further develop them to meet future requirements. 

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