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E-Axle Filter


In systems where a traditional powertrain is replaced with an electric powertrain, ITW offers filtration solutions which address the need for filtration cleanliness for both lubrication and cooling.

Common Names: suction filter, pressure filter

Features and Benefits

Cooling oil fine filtration

Oil filtration against particles who may damage the E-axle

Space & Weight Benefits

The use of engineered plastics and synthetic media allows for increased filtration in a small packaging size while offering the weight reduction necessary for electric vehicles

In-house injection Molding

Our inhouse injection molding capabilities allow us to not only control all elements of the manufacturing process but also allow us to offer integrated manifolds and other modularization opportunities.

In-house Pleating

Our in-house pleating capabilities allow us to provide additional filtration area in the same packaging space vs. a single layer or bag-style filter and control an additional element of the manufacturing process

Laser/Vibration Welding

Ability to utilize both in-house vibration and laser welding depending on the cleanliness and burst requirements of the system.