Active Safety

Active Safety

Enhancing ADAS system performance in any weather

ITW’s ADAS solutions seamlessly integrate into forward-facing camera modules. These products not only ensure optimal system availability in winter conditions but also minimize the degradation of object identification and classification caused by external glare. By incorporating ultra-low reflection surfaces adjacent to the camera sensor, our ADAS solutions provide maximum clarity and accuracy. Trust ITW to deliver cutting-edge technology that enhances the performance and reliability of your ADAS system, even in challenging weather conditions.

ITW offers a wide range of products in this category. Explore a representative selection below or collaborate with our engineers for a custom solution.

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Forward Facing Camera Functional Support

ITW's unique forward facing camera solutions include heaters that quickly defrost the camera field of view, integrated anti-glare surfaces that minimize camera interference, and precision molded brackets that simplify assembly, and ensure consistent camera and other sensor location.


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