Driven by both styling and functional requirements, EV charge ports need to accommodate a range of locations on the vehicle.  ITW charge ports and charge port housing are engineered to address functionality, space and aesthetic requirements for manufacturers, and deliver a better charging experience for electric vehicle owners.

Features and Benefits


A smart charge port door makes the charging process more convenient and simple. the opening movement is powered, users do not need to manually open or close the charge port flap; enhancing the user experience.

Dust Prevention

With Powered movement, when not in use, the smart charge port door can be tightly sealed, preventing dust, debris, and other contaminants from entering the charging port. This helps to maintain the cleanliness of the charging connector and protects the proper functioning of the charging interface.

Ice Break Capability

Robust Kinematic solutions with High output force capable of breaking winter Ice for opening the door on powered assembly.

Mechanical Reliability

With the absence of automated mechanical parts, manual charge port doors are simple and robust. less components. Ensuring reliable operation over time.


One from factor with mechanical and powered options.