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Oil Filter Shell


The deep-drawn oil filter shell is a critical component of oil filtration systems, produced through the precision metal forming technique known as deep drawing. This process involves the transformation of a flat metal sheet into a seamless and cylindrical shell, ensuring structural integrity and reliability. The deep-drawn oil filter shell serves as the protective housing for the filter media and other internal components of the oil filter. Its robust construction is designed to withstand the demands of automotive and industrial environments, providing efficient filtration and helping maintain optimal lubrication in engines. This component plays a key role in extending the life of engines by effectively trapping contaminants and ensuring the smooth operation of machinery. We offer a variety of sizes to meet industry needs.

Common Names: Filter Shell

Features and Benefits

High Strength

 superior strength, durability, fire resistance, and environmental friendliness.

Custom Sizes

With a wide range of variations and services, our product line gives our customers industry leading choice and flexibility.