Bolts, Screws, and Studs

Bolts, Screws, and Studs

Powerful connections

ITW Automotive provides a comprehensive selection of threaded fasteners to cater to your diverse needs. Our collection includes bolts, screws, and studs, available in various lengths, diameters, and threads. With this wide range of options, you can confidently choose the perfect fastener to achieve secure and reliable connections across different panel thicknesses, orientations, strength requirements, and price points.

ITW offers a wide range of products in this category. Explore a representative selection below or collaborate with our engineers for a custom solution.

Looking for a custom part?


Better solutions.
Better outcomes.

We partner with our customers to create custom fastening and assembly solutions to address the most complex engineering challenges across the entire vehicle.


Building trust.
Delivering results.

We collaborate with you every step of the way to design and engineer solutions that meet your precise needs. Our proven manufacturing and design processes deliver solutions with unmatched speed, scale, and quality—anywhere in the world.

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