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Outside Door Opener


Flush door handles uses robust design that allows it to blend seamlessly with the vehicle’s body, maintaining a clean and sleek appearance. Compared to traditional protruding handles, flush door handle can give the vehicle a more stylish and streamlined look.

Common Names: Outside door handle

Features and Benefits


Design allows it to blend seamlessly with the vehicle's body.

Convenient Operation

Designed to be compact and easy to operate. Providing convenient access for opening and closing.

Ice Break Capability

Robust kinematic solutions with high output force capable of breaking winter Ice for opening the door.

Alignment and Tolerance Compensation Fixation System

Fast assembly. Self alignment to sheet metal opening providing robust gap and flush finish for life of program.


Low level mid level and high level in same packaging.


Same ITW part used in multiple product applications with potential to go on other other platforms.

Application Areas