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Manual Air Register


Air Registers are the part of the climatization system that contribute to the distribution of the air within the cabin. A manual air register can be adjusted by the passenger to allow hot or cold air to pass through, regulating cabin temperature. Air Registers make up an integral part of a vehicle’s styling and can be designed to accommodate several aesthetics through variations in shape, size and decoration.

Common Names: Air Outlets, Air Vents

Features and Benefits

Improves Cabin Comfort

Optimized design for low pressure loss allows for increased air flow.

Reduces Noise Ingress

System noise eliminated through virtual simulation, prototyping and testing.

Smooth Motion Control

Design of haptic elements allow for smooth user operation.

Control Directionality of Air

Aerodynamic design expertise ensures we hit challenging OEM air flow targets.

Modular Design Capabilities

ITW Automotive's modular design approach allows integration of various reliable air register designs.

Support of Styling Requests

Work closely with OEMs to meet and deliver a variety of styling requests.