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Noise Mitigation Cover


Acoustic cover assembled to the Air Extractor to reduce noise entering the vehicle. Delivers a system approach, to ensure high quality air flow while significantly dampening noise. Noise mitigation covers can be attached to either the interior or exterior of the Air Extractor, allowing for accommodation of different packaging space constraints. Size of the noise mitigation cover is variable, dependent on reduction targets.

Common Names: Acoustic Cover, Noise Deflection

Features and Benefits

Improves Cabin Comfort

Noise elimination allows for a more enjoyable passenger experience.

System Approach

Air extractor with cover provides the best compromise between acoustics and air flow.

BOM Simplification

One part number supplied for both acoustic damping and air flow management.

Elimination of NVH materials

System approach allows OEMs to removal NVH material, offering a cost save.

Ease of Assembly

System approach reduces assembly effort and time on vehicle manufacturing line.