Air Extractors allows air to flow out of a vehicle after the cabin has been pressurized by the HVAC system, a door slam, or an airbag deployment. The Air Extractor must also prevent exhaust fumes, dust and water from entering the cabin.

ITW engineers understand the entire Air Flow system in the vehicle, providing expertise to optimize sheet metal hole size and location. Air Extractors can be designed in an array of sizes, in both horizontal and vertical orientation.

Common Names: Pressure Relief Valve, Drafter, Duct Assembly Quarter Vent, Air Extract Chamber, Body Exhauster, Air Outlet

Features and Benefits

Improves Cabin Comfort

Facilitates air exchange, ensuring high quality air within the cabin.

Reduces Cabin Pressure

Lowers effort required to close vehicle doors.

Supports Defogging Defrosting

Air extractor design facilitates higher frequency of air exchange, improving visibility.

Prevents Dust and Dirt Ingress

Effective sealing design prevents particle entrance into the cabin in all operating conditions.

Water Management

Sophisticated design features protects against water ingress.

Ease of Assembly

Ergonomic assembly driven by interaction between latch and seal technology.