Our Capabilities

Our design engineers understand the science of fastening and can meet our customer’s requirements and expectations. So if our standard products don’t exactly fit your specific needs, our qualified engineering personnel can solve the problem. Best of all, we can do it quickly and economically. ITW is organized into more than 400 operating units, aligned by core businesses. This global organization affords ITW Automotive access to innovative ideas and processes from its affiliated divisions around the world.

Our Core Facts Include:

  • Established in 1912
  • Renowned worldwide operations
  • Connected with a blanket of 825 separate Businesses – Close to the customer
  • Value added products and services
  • Continuous growth by Investing in ideas and our business
  • $15.9 Billion Revenue 2022

Our Customers

ITW’s Automotive customers include major automobile and truck manufacturers and their tier suppliers. In addition to ITW’s high-tech research and development capabilities, we enhance our customers’ competitive advantage by…

  • Maintaining advanced engineering and manufacturing facilities.
  • Exchanging product and process information with sister units worldwide.
  • Continually improving processes, materials and designs to ensure every product exceeds industry standards for quality and integrity.

We Apply the 80/20 Process to Everthing We Do

A driving force behind much of our success at ITW is our 80/20 business process, a practice that keeps us focused on our most profitable products and customers. The concept underlying 80/20 is simple: 80 percent of a company’s sales are derived from the 20 percent of its product offering being sold to key customers.

Put simply, too often companies do not spend enough time on the critical 20 percent of their key customers and products and spend too much time on the lower volume 80 percent. Our view is that once you know who your high volume customers are, you can begin to understand what drives your growth and what your true costs are in the business. At the same time, we don’t walk away from low volume customers; we just treat them differently, via outsourcing and specialty pricing programs. And regardless how big or small the order, product safety and quality are always 100 percent.

Known internally as the ITW Toolbox, this repository of proven strategies and techniques guides our business process and helps us find new ways to enhance customer satisfaction as well as drive margin growth and profitability. Specific strategies that help us reach our goals include: product line simplification, segmentation, in-lining, cellular manufacturing and outsourcing, as well as manufacturing to the market rate of demand.

We believe the future of good business is deeply rooted in the past. By following our guiding principles designed to enhance customer focus, productivity, innovation and profitability, we are able to make continual process and product improvements for customers, while producing solid results for our shareholders. Our ability to produce commercial innovations on a continual basis for our customers is the foundation of our success.

Our Bottom Line

  • Decentralization
  • 80/20 Process
  • Innovation

ITW Automotive, operates under the Illinois Tool Works, Inc. banner. Our organization is alive with spirit and consistently producing innovative, new solutions, while retaining a decentralized, highly focused management style to most effectively serve our market.

Founded in 1912, ITW (NYSE: ITW), a fortune 200 company, is a global industrial company built around a differentiated and proprietary business model. The company’s seven industry-leading segments leverage the ITW Business Model to generate solid growth with best-in-class margins and returns in markets where highly innovative, customer-focused solutions are required. ITW’s approximately 45,000 dedicated colleagues around the world thrive in the company’s decentralized, entrepreneurial culture. In 2019, the company achieved revenues of $15.9 billion, with roughly half coming from outside North America. To learn more, please visit www.itw.com.