Insights - Press Release
Sustainable Transformation at ITW Metal Fasteners: Mikalor Plant Heat Recovery Project
Insights - Press Release
Sustainable Transformation at ITW Metal Fasteners: Mikalor Plant Heat Recovery Project

Mikalor Plant Heat Recovery Project

In a significant leap towards sustainability, ITW Metal Fasteners Spain presents the success of its recent heat recovery project. Led by the Department of Continuous Improvement under the guidance of Jaume Roigé, this initiative marks a significant step towards sustainability and energy efficiency in our facility.

Previous Heating System:

  • Roca Diesel Heater consumed 40,000 liters of diesel in winter for heating HALL 1.
  • CARRIER 30 RH Chiller operated as a heat pump, supplying heating to HALL 2 & HALL 3, consuming 180,000 kWh.
  • DHW Heater consumed 20,736 kWh for domestic hot water to the locker rooms.
  • Electric stoves consumed 33.600 kWh during Winter.


Heat Recovery System:

The  system  consist of 6 Copper Coil tube type heat exchangers inside 5 furnace exhaust hoods and 1 gas generator exhaust hood. Water circulates through the exchangers, heating up and stored in three 3000L accumulators. Hot water, driven by pumps, conveys to air heaters in the halls, providing hot air at workstations. The system will also provide energy for domestic hot water.


Control and Efficiency:

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controls temperatures, flow rates, and pressures, issuing warnings for load losses, leaks, blockages, and system failures. Activates safety systems to counteract anomalies. Backup system activates in multiple heat source shutdowns and when energy demand exceeds the recovery system’s capacity.

Key Achievements:

Efficient Resource Utilization: We’ve repurposed previously wasted heat from our industrial furnaces, turning it into a comprehensive solution for our heating and hot water supply.

Reduced Energy Dependence: By eliminating diesel and reducing electricity consumption, we’ve bolstered our energy independence, reducing vulnerability to market fluctuations.

Positive Environmental Impact: We anticipate eliminating more than 111.600 kg/CO2 emissions per year, making a direct contribution to the ongoing battle against climate change.

Economic Savings: Beyond reducing our environmental footprint, the project anticipates reducing 6,6% of the annual energy cost.

Alignment with Global Goals: In compliance with the EU Climate Action and the European Green Deal, this project actively contributes to the global agenda of climate change mitigation and climate neutrality.


Future Steps:

Looking ahead, our focus is on exploring other potential heat sources that can complement our recovery system, further enhancing its energy contribution. The prospect of utilizing this recovered heat to generate cold air for summer is also under consideration, aiming to extend the benefits of our sustainable initiatives across multiple seasons.



The successful generation of recovered heat from this initiative not only fulfills the energy requirements for air conditioning but also ensures a consistent and optimal temperature. Notably, the enhanced efficiency of this new installation, compared to its predecessor, translates into a tangible reduction in kilowatt consumption during the winter season.


The ITW Metal Fasteners' Mikalor Plant Heat Recovery Project stands as a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility, innovation, and the pursuit of a sustainable future.