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Air Vents with Perfect Form and Function
Insights - Article
Air Vents with Perfect Form and Function

What looks good must also work well. Our air vents are created in such a way that styling and technology are brought together to deliver perfection in aesthetics and function. This is what good looks like for us and we deliver what we promised.

Air Registers

We enjoy the fresh feeling of a summer breeze blowing in your face and associate it with a sense of well-being. Nothing is more delightful than transporting this sense of well-being into a vehicle interior where we travel from A to B and want to arrive relaxed. Air conditioning in the vehicle plays a decisive role in this experience. It is not enough to provide cooled or heated air, you also have to strategically deliver it to the vehicle interior, and the consumer, with air vents developed by ITW Automotive Air Flow Team.

We listen

Imagine someone listening to you, understanding exactly what you need and delivering the customized solution with the quality you expect. Some might say this is a dream, but it is what you can do with ITW Air Flow Management, because that’s how we see our business.

We understand

At the beginning of a vehicle’s development there is always a sketch that shows what the vehicle should look like. Of course, this also applies to vehicle interiors. The stylists of the vehicle manufacturers think a lot about how they can inspire customers for the next vehicle. Unique, emotional designs can create product loyalty, and make the character of the vehicle tangible. Air vents are parts in the vehicle interior that make the vehicle an immersive experience. The actual function of vents, namely bringing air into the vehicle in the most comfortable way possible must not be neglected.

This requires a deep understanding of our customers’ business, how the air vents interact with the rest of the instrument panel & interior, and customer requirements.

Our experts have developed this deep insight over the years.

We do

As mentioned above, the contexts that an air vent must meet are extremely diverse. So, what does this mean?

We have the expertise and the experience to understand the myriad of influences, and achieve the desired outcome. We think in terms of complete solutions with excellent performance (and our demands are high). Where that is not enough, we develop new approaches. We act responsibly, identify limits, and share workable options with the one goal of delivering the product our customers want and need. That determines our daily work.

We deliver

In the course of product development, you often have to make many compromises. That’s only natural. The performance of a product at the end of its development reflects the quality of the solutions and decisions that have been made along the way to deliver the end product. We are guided by two goals. We deliver what we promise and do it right the first time. As a result, our automotive customers are able to use the quality and design of our products as a reference point for what they expect throughout the vehicle interior. For us this is more than customer satisfaction, we set standards.

ITW has the expertise and the experience to understand the myriad of influences and achieve the desired outcome.

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