From concept to production, ITW Global Automotive engineers are highly trained and industry awarded engineers. They understand the science behind a great fastening solution. Our engineers are trained and skilled in a host of design software such as Unigraphics, Catia, Pro/Engineer, Catia, Solid Works and SDRC I-DEAS. We can meet or exceed your organizations design specification by producing a variety of print and digital media formats that work with your business requirements. At ITW Global Automotive, raw creativity, fashioned by advanced CAD/CAE engineering, tooling, the latest thermoplastic resins, robotic systems, computers, and high quality through statistical process control, all contribute to the final product.


Once a design has been finalized, we have the ability to create a rapid prototype of your fastening solution for testing in it’s intended application. Our Engineers have the tools onsite to build and create test environments for the application of your component to checking for items, such as leaking, temperature assurance, tensile strength, and FEA analysis.


ITW Global Automotive manufactuing facilities allow complete In-line production of all parts. This technology includes the following:

  • Metal Forming
  • Cold Heading
  • Injection Molding
  • Deep Drawing
  • In Die Assembly
  • In Die Tapping
  • Precision and Progressive Stamping
  • Defect Prevention
  • Austempering
  • Assembly